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Attendance and Punctuality

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This week's attendance (13.11.23):

Whole School Attendance for last week is: 93.7%

6 Green 93.33% 4 Green 93.21% 2 Green 93.45% Reception Green 91.01%
6 Blue 97.93% 4 Blue 97.42% 2 Blue 94.14% Reception Blue


5 Green 93.55% 3 Green 89.33% 1 Green 93.7% Nursery 83.1%
5 Blue 94.33% 3 Blue 95% 1 Blue 88.08%    


At Newby, we encourage all children and families to have excellent punctuality and attendance. Attendance is a key life skill that helps children make the most of their learning time, create long-lasting relationships with friends and staff, and helps them to be prepared for the next stage of their education.

The office at Newby Primary School is open from 8am until 4.30pm.

Calls can be made to 01274 772208

School is open to pupils at the following times:

Key Stage Two: 8.40-3.15           Key Stage One and Reception: 8.50-3.15      Nursery: 8.45-11.45


Last week's attendance (06.11.23)

Whole School Attendance for the year to date was: 95%

6 Green 97.67% 4 Green


2 Green 87.59% Reception Green 88.93%
6 Blue 96.55% 4 Blue 96.45% 2 Blue 92.41% Reception Blue 90.34%
5 Green 94.84% 3 Green 92% 1 Green 90.74%    
5 Blue 94.19% 3 Blue 89.67% 1 Blue 91.92%    

How we do it:

Every morning, our attendance team update our records on which children are in school as part of our safeguarding procedures. Our Inclusion Team and Attendance Officer work closely with staff and families, ensuring children are ready to learn.

School starts at 8.40am and we expect every child to be on time. Being punctual is absolutely vital to ensure that children have a good start to the day, do not miss any learning as well as not disturb the learning of other children who are on time.

Rewards are used to celebrate children with excellent attendance and those who have made big improvements. At the end of each month, those pupils who have attended every day get put into a prize drawer for a whole host of different treats. 

At the end of every term, we host an attendance assembly where children who have 100% attendance are awarded a certificate, culminating in the award of an attendance shield badge at the end of each academic year. 

Where children are not attending school, we work very hard with families and outside agencies to help support the children back in to education. This includes meetings, home visits and referrals to the Bradford attendance team. Where necessary, families are also referred to Early Help where it is clear additional support may be required. 

Families are encouraged to take holidays and appointments outside of school time. More information about extended leave can be found at the office

What we achieve

Children are excited about attending school, they feel safe, happy and supported while they are here. Families enjoy the range of rewards on offer for children with good attendance. Pre-Covid the large majority of children attend school every day, with most having above 96.5% attendance for the year.

This year (2023/24) we will have a big focus on improving attendance to ensure we encourage all children to have good attendance.  We will be focusing particularly at those pupils who are considered Persistently Absent (Attendance of 90% or below). 

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