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Pupils at Newby Primary School model the school values of being kind, confident and successful.

As a result, pupils are safe in the school and feel part of the school family.

At Newby, we had our last Ofsted inspection in 2023. We were pleased to receive another 'Good' judgement and acknowledge the areas for development as things we're already working on in school. We have included some highlights below:

One of the school’s values which is seen in abundance is kindness. Pupils behave respectfully to each other and adult. They are happy and safe and enjoy coming to school. They are surrounded by adults who help them to feel safe.

Leaders have created an ambitious curriculum. They have given consideration to what pupils are taught and when it is taught. Leaders and staff understand what the curriculum is meant to teach pupils.

Leaders make sure that all staff are well supported. Staff speak positively about the way leaders give careful consideration to their workload and well-being. There is a positive working culture where staff feel valued.

There is a sense of the school community wrapping itself around the pupils to keep them safe.

For more details or to view the full report you can click the link. Alternatively, our reports for 2013, 2017, 2022 and 2023 are available to view below. 


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