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Maths at Newby

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Our approach to Maths ensures pupils are given the support they need to keep up with their peers.

A set of rapid recall questions are asked based on prior learning, with those children who require it receiving 'Same Day Intervention' to ensure they are ready for the lesson ahead. 

Maths is taught daily at Newby Primary School. We use the White Rose Maths Hub resources to compliment the teaching and learning sequence. 

At the start of each unit of work we will share with parents what we are covering and give ways they can help at home. 

Maths facts are a high priority. Children are rewarded with Bronze, Silver and Gold shields for learning their number bonds. Equally, they are awarded with Bronze, Silver and Gold stars for learning their multiplication and division facts. When children have achieved this, they can enter into the Battle of the Blues where they compete for the coveted Newby Red. 

For further information about how we teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and divison, you may also find our calculation policy for each year group helpful. 

Year One Maths Curriculum Overview

Y1 Maths Overview

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Year Five Maths Curriculum Overview

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Year Six Maths Curriculum Overview

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