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Whole School Topics

The whole school curriculum is organised under three key 'themes'; children will have a moral compass, children will know the best of mankind and children will have a global awareness. Within each theme, each year group then has a specific focus - subjects are designed to link back to this focus. Where subjects link together, these links are made, otherwise the subjects stand as specific disciplines where each one explores the same focus. 

We have specifically chosen themes which provoke debate, thought and discussion. If you would like any further information about our curriculum please contact school and speak to Mr.Baterip or your child's class teacher. You will also find additional information on the Government website which details National Curriculum expectations. This can be found here. 

Information as to how our Curriculum meets the need of all pupils, including those who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities can be found on each Curriculum page. We have carefully considered how different subjects will require different adaptations so that all children can achieve the ambitious end points we have planned. 

Curric Overview
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