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A Kind, Confident and Successful School

A school built on values

At Newby Primary School we see and do everything through our school values. We aim to be Kind, Confident and Successful in everything that we do as staff and as pupils. We also aim to help others be Kind, Confident and Successful too. 

Our Curriculum is designed to support children in developing our school values, as does our approach to behaviour. Similarly, these values also apply to our school development and professional development agenda with staff too. 



What do we mean by 'Kind'?

Being Kind at Newby is more than just helping a friend or saying kind things to each other. We believe being kind is about understanding the feelings and needs of each other. We also believe it's about being kind to ourselves - we spend lots of time thinking about our physical and mental well-being both as pupils and as adults. We also understand that being kind is  about being honest - we aim to be honest with ourselves and with each other. Sometimes it's not about what we do but how we do it. 

Through our curriculum we learn the importance of being kind to our community, to our environment and to people in the wider world. We learn to respect each other and different cultures and enjoy celebrating our many similarities and differences. 

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What do we mean by 'confident'?

At Newby we understand that being confident is about knowing who we are and where we come from. We also understand that being confident is about our self-esteem.

Our aim is to ensure everyone has an inner confidence - we understand our strengths and weaknesses and know what we need to do to move forwards. 

With staff, we use coaching as the main vehicle for observation and professional development - by doing so, staff take a real lead in their own professional development, growing in confidence.  

During their time at Newby, children have many opportunities to perform, take part in sporting events and speak as part of oracy work. Children can also choose to go on residential and stay away from home - developing emotional resilience and self-confidence. 

Our approach to behaviour is fundamentally built on relationship and an understanding that as adults we give confidence. By acknowledging the behaviours we want to see, children grow in confidence and self-belief. 

What do we mean by 'success'?

At Newby we believe that 'success' can be measured in many different ways. We passionately believe that the most important thing is for everyone to leave Newby on a daily, weekly and yearly basis, feeling successful. 

In order to do this we understand that both adults and pupils have to understand the behaviours and habits of people who are successful. We regularly set targets both as individuals and as a whole school which we measure success against. These targets not only reflect the academic curriculum but also those things which make us effective. 

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