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Construction of the PSHE and RSE Curriculum

PSHE Intent

At Newby Primary our philosophy is that children should develop as whole invidivuals. Whilst lots of this is done through the full curriculum offer and our wider curriculum enrichment, children are taught specific skills during PSHE and RSE lessons. 

We know that our children must be prepared for life in Modern Britain and PSHE and RSE provide a vehicle for this preparation to happen. Children are given lots of opportunities to discuss and explore key ideas such as how to stay safe, how to forge and maintain health relationships and ways to connect with the wider world. 

We use the SCARF programme as the basis of our PSHE and RSE curriculum. We also use the Pol-Ed resources, NSPCC Resources, Anti-Bullying Association Resources as well as other professional bodies to enrich and compliment the programme further. 

Ambition of the Curriculum:

Our ambition for the PSHE and RSE curriculum is that pupils leave Newby with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the complex world in which we live. They will cover each of the following key themes, each year, as they move through Newby; Me and My Relationships, Valuing Difference, Keeping Myself Safe, Rights and Responsibilites, Being My Best and Growing & Changing. By revisiting the same key themes each year, pupils have an opportunity to revisit key knowledge and skills which they have already required before exploring the concept at a deeper level, year on year. 

In an ever changing world, it is vital our pupils leave with the skills they will need to go on to be successful. These emotional literacy skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, a knowledge of how to stay safe and a knowledge of how to stay healthy - both physically and mentally, are crucial. 

Our aim with the full curriculum, is that children have an opportunity to apply their skills from PSHE and RSE across the full curriculum. For example, in Year 3 when discussing the Windrush Generation, pupils are encouraged to debate attitudes immigration and tolerance of others. Equally, in Year 5 when pupils discuss the topic 'Who decides what's right or wrong' - they have an opportunity to debate Children's Rights as well as the rights of others, including animals, those with different faiths or beliefs and the protected characteristics. 

Skills and Content:

PSHE Ropes

Our PSHE and RSE curriculum has been sequenced and designed to ensure children have a good understanding of concepts and skills. These are interwoven within and across year groups to ensure learning is secured in the long term memory. 

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